Mexican Placemats Set of 4 Serape Placemats Handwoven w Base Colours Yellow, Purple, Fuchsia, Dark Turquoise

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Mexican placemats bring an amazing colourful vibe to any dining table. This is a set of 4 Mexican serape placemats (originally known as sarape in Spanish).

Each serape placemat measure 55cm x 30cm (21" x 12")

The four main base colours of this set of mats are; Yellow, Purple, Fuchsia, Dark Turquoise (the large stripe going down the middle of each mat). The rest of the mat is a mix of vibrant bright colours which may differ from the ones you receive as all are handwoven, but the main 4 colours will be the same.

This is Mexican Placemats Set 1, and I have another set of these same Mexican placemats available Mexican Placemats Set 2 with base colours: Fuschia Pink, Turquoise Blue, Yellow and Purple. So for anyone who wants to have a table setting of all 8 differently coloured serape placemats, you can buy both sets and pay the same shipping! :)

These Mexican placemats are perfect for both dinner parties and normal home dining, for both daytime and nighttime use. There are two quality grades of Mexican serape placemats; the premium grade and the economy grade. Ours are the premium grade. It is very easy to see the difference between the two types, they look and feel very different. The premium grade are just much more beautiful!...the colours are much more vibrant and intense, the weave is much tighter and they last much longer (we've used our same set of 10 for years). The economy grade are visibly cheaper with a lower quality weave, and have gaps between the strands. We will only ever sell the premium grade serape placemats.

If you have any questions at all about our handwoven Mexican serape placemats just click on the Ask a question button which is under the title of this listing. We can also create a custom order for you if you would like to buy them for a wedding or in bulk, and you can choose the base colours of your choice from the 8 colours that we offer: Fuschia Pink, Turquoise Blue, Yellow, Purple, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue and Light Grey

Viva La Fiesta!



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