Collection: Wixarika Huichol Art

Wixarika Huichol beaded figures and yarn paintings are incredibly intricate, deeply spiritual and fantastically colourful vibrant pieces of art, decorated with many different symbols, in every colour imaginable. We sell them wholesale for resale in stores. Share these beautiful pieces of art with your customers, and help keep the precious Wixarika culture alive.
DHL worldwide shipping in 2 weeks. 

Our artists make; sitting deer, standing deer, jaguar heads, jaguars, cactus, skulls, owls, turtles, wolves, elephants, giraffes, dolphins, and more...

The families we work with maintain their traditions and preserve their culture, handing down the secrets of this incredible folk art from generation to generation. ArtMexico and the Wixarika community thank you for supporting their culture and helping to keep their precious traditions alive.