Custom Bunting

Custom bunting will bring a huge WOW factor to your event! Your guests will be amazed, and your decor will be a great talking point!

Flags are 100% customisable; designs can include text, images or logos. Choose either sustainable tissue paper flags for indoor events or waterproof plastic flags for outdoor events, and as many colours as you like, to match your branding or event colour palette.

Custom Bunting Quick Info

  • Our custom bunting is handmade to order in our Mexico Studio
  • Standard production time for most orders is four weeks, but longer for larger orders
  • Production can be as fast as 1,500 metres (4,921ft) per week, so if you need custom bunting urgently please contact Aprylle
  • We deliver with FedEx/DHL 1-5 day insured tracked delivery worldwide
  • Minimum order of 50 metres (164ft) per different flag design (including traditional flag designs). E.g. for an order of 250 metres (820ft) total bunting, you can have up to 5 different flag designs (repeating in any order you like)
  • Any combination of colours, in any order you like, or all mixed up
  • Standard garland length is 10 metres (16.4ft) long, but make them to whatever garland length you need
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Custom Bunting Price

  • Custom bunting is sold by the meter/foot and cut to the length you need.
  • The price of your order will depend on the material, and the total amount that you order
  • DHL tracked courier shipping is included in the price.
  • Minimum order quantity for custom bunting is 50 metres.
  • All custom bunting orders are non-refundable.

Custom Bunting Production Time

All our custom bunting is handmade and takes the following times for production (depending on when during the year you order):

Total metres: Jan-Jun / Jul-Dec

  • 1,000m (or less): 4 weeks / 5 week
  • 2,000m: 4 weeks / 5 weeks
  • 4,000m: 4 weeks / 5 weeks
  • 6,000m: 5 weeks / 6 weeks
  • 8,000m: 6 weeks / 7 weeks
  • 10,000m+ (this quantity every): 2 months / 2.5 months

Photo courtesy of our client DIOR (2019 Cruise Collection fashion show)

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Unique Event Decorations

The custom bunting that we make is actually called papel picado and is a Mexican artform. Our custom bunting is art. It is rare to find papel picado outside of Mexico, and even more rare to find it custom-made - so using Mexican custom bunting as part of your party or event’s decorations will help to make it an unforgettable and unique event.

It really is such an amazing undiscovered branding solution, as it is customisable in every way possible!

Photo courtesy of our client Shawcontract rugs (this is their trade show stand, their flags mirrored their rug design)

Get hanging style inspiration here and help on how much custom bunting to order:

how much custom bunting to order

Large Event Bunting

We specialize in custom bunting for trade shows and other big events, such as weddings and company branding/marketing events.

Our customers use our custom decorative bunting to totally transform their venue and create an unforgettable event.

We had the honour of being chosen by David Stark Design to make the custom bunting for the esteemed 2019 Brooklyn Artists Ball, the most inspiring event of the art world held in the Brooklyn Museum, New York. Check out our blog about their custom bunting here:

blog on brooklyn museum bunting

Branded Event Bunting

Whether it be a brand logo in its brand colours for a company event, or the names of a couple being celebrated at their wedding or anniversary, or company slogans, the combinations and possibilities are endless. We really can make whatever designs your imagination can think up!

Our custom garlands are a striking and creative way to decorate a marketing event and encourage brand awareness that is sure to make a long-lasting impression.

Custom Bunting Flag Designs

Our artists are absolutely incredible at recreating logos and images into the flag designs.

Your custom flags can bear just about any logo, image or text you can think of. And they can be repeated along the garlands in the order of your choice.

Our client sent us the elaborate Magic of Morocco logo shown in the section above, and we made the intricate custom bunting flag shown here above. You can see that our artists really have fun with their art and put a lot of love into their creations.

If you prefer, you can create your own custom flag designs and send them to us in PDF format in either of the two flag sizes below:

Large Flags: 48cm x 31cm (19" x 12.25") - there are 18 flags per 10m/32.8ft of garland - THIS IS THE SIZE WE USUALLY RECOMMEND FOR CUSTOM BUNTING

Medium Flags: 34cm x 22cm / 13.5" x 8.75" (there are 24 flags per 10m/32.8ft of garland) - HOWEVER this size is better for smaller spaces, with lower ceilings, or if the bunting will be hung directly in front of products, like bottles in a bar.

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Bunting Design Ideas - Digital MockUps

With so many colour and customisable options available, you can be as creative as you want to be with our custom bunting.

When considering custom bunting design ideas, keep in mind that papel picado will not only dazzle the guests attending your event, but will stand out in photographs and social media posts from your party.

Once you have placed your order, email us your PDF files to aprylle@ and our artists will make digital mockups of the flags for you. We make very slight alterations if necessary, to make them work properly as papel picado flags.

We will then send you the digital mockups, and won't start production until you have signed them off.

Photo: digital mockups we made for our client El Patio


Colourful Bunting

You can choose as many different colours as you like from our colour catalogues for your custom bunting, and we can position them in whatever order you prefer along the garlands, or we can mix them all up.

Feel free to make your colourful bunting as varied as you would like it to be!

Alternatively, we can make them in our Mexican Mix colour selection, a vibrant happy mix of colours often used in traditional papel picado in Mexico.

Our tissue paper flag colour catalogue boasts 49 colours to choose from, and our plastic flag colour catalogue has 12 colour options available.

Sustainable Custom Bunting

Our handmade custom bunting made from tissue paper is biodegradable and a sustainable option when it comes to party decorations.

With so many party decorations that can be harmful for the environment, our sustainable custom bunting is the perfect way to wow your guests in a conscious and eco-friendly way.

The custom paper bunting is reusable as long as you put it away very carefully, and keep it away from bright light.

Custom bunting is perfect for branding events, openings, shop decorations, trade shows, weddings, anniversary and birthday parties, themed gatherings, baby showers, gender reveals, music festivals and community events, event photo booths, and more.

Photo courtesy of our client Chilli No 5 (this is their trade show stand)

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Waterproof Custom Bunting

Our waterproof custom buntings made with plastic flags are great for any kind of outdoor event where there may be wind or rain. It's perfect for university events and professional sports events, like tennis, football, cricket, baseball, basketball, as it can be made in the brand colours and with the team logo.

Great for all kinds of outdoor events; like school sports fields, picnics, weddings, or any other event taking place outside.

The custom plastic bunting is reusable as long as you put it away carefully.

Photo courtesy of our clients Rivkie & Dan

Photography © Leivi Saltman Photography


About Mexican Custom Bunting

In vibrant Mexico, it is common to encounter papel picado bunting lining the streets, ceilings and walls at parties, weddings, celebrations and during festive holidays.

This traditional Mexican bunting depicts a wide variety of themes and displays an infinite possibility of messages and images.

If you wish you can include traditional Mexican flag designs in your custom bunting garlands. We have flag designs of flowers, birds, butterflies, cactus, sun, sombrero, boots, and many mix in with your logo or other custom flag designs, and make your garlands look authentically Mexican.

Aprylle can send you lots of beautiful traditional flag designs to choose from.

About The Artists

Our Mexican bunting is authentic and handmade in Mexico by skilled artisans and master craftsmen who use the traditional method of cutting custom designs into the paper or plastic flags using a hammer and a variety of chisels of all shapes and sizes.

This Mexican folk art is a time-honoured tradition whose origins can be traced back to Aztec culture. The methods and skills these artisans employ to make custom bunting are passed down from generation to generation - entire families are involved in the production process.

Our artists are based in Mexico City and in Puebla, the state widely regarded as the birthplace of papel picado. We are proud to support and promote the production and dissemination of this intrinsic part of Mexican tradition and culture, encouraging permanence for the indigenous communities that keep this tradition alive and ensuring their livelihood for generations to come.

Custom Bunting USA

If you are ordering custom bunting for an event in the USA:

  • Shipping is FREE
  • Your custom bunting ships from our studio in Mexico, with FedEx/DHL tracked, insured courier and is signed for on delivery
  • Delivery times to the US is 1-3 working days
  • Import tax is free for all orders under USD$800 (for orders over this, please note that the import tax is to be paid by the customer)

Photo courtesy of our client Taylor

Custom Bunting UK

If you are ordering custom bunting for an event in the UK:

  • Shipping is FREE
  • Your custom bunting ships from our studio in Mexico, with FedEx/DHL tracked, insured courier and is signed for on delivery
  • Delivery times to the US is 3-5 working days
  • Import tax to be paid by the customer, and is usually 20% of the invoice price

Photo courtesy of our client etc.venues London County Hall

Further Useful Info For Ordering

You can go ahead and place your order by clicking on either the tissue paper or plastic product listings below.

Contact Aprylle via the WhatsApp chat button or via the contact us page if you need any help or advice at all regarding ordering our custom bunting.

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