Custom Papel Picado Bunting

custom papel picado flag made to match the wedding invitation of our clientsOur custom papel picado bunting is handmade to order in Mexico in 4 weeks by our amazing artisans, and we ship it worldwide with FedEx arriving in the USA in 1-2 days, to the UK in 2-3 days, to Europe in 3-5 days and the rest of the world in 4-7 days. Either place your custom papel picado order by clicking here or...


Please email Aprylle at the following information:
  1. Total length (e.g. 1,000ft or 1,000metres)
  2. Individual garland lengths (e.g. 100 x 10 metre garlands)
  3. Flag design PDF attachments, or any files of logos or images you would like us to recreate as papel picado flag designs. You can have 1 custom design per 50 metres of order.
  4. Colour selection from either of the Colour Catalogues below, including numbers & names where stated (e.g. 44-Coral)
  5. Colour order along garlands: mixed, a specific order repeated, identical rows
  6. The date you need to receive the bunting by
  7. Your shipping address and mobile number
  8. Aprylle will then send you the price and production time


Papel picado is beautiful handmade fiesta bunting perfect any kind of event!...either indoors (with tissue paper flags) or outdoors (with plastic flags). These unique unforgettable event decorations will completely wow your guests!...and are often a huge talking point at any party. We can make them with any flag designs you wish and cut from a huge selection of tissue paper (or plastic) flag colours, as many colours as you wish in any order.

Custom papel picado flags can be used to decorate: weddings, any kind of events, festivals, they are great for branded marketing event decorations as we can copy corporate logos perfectly into the flags and are also perfect for smaller events like special birthdays or anniversaries. They are bound to make your event an unforgettable experience, because they are so unique and transform any venue instantly, as you can see from our clients' events photos here. And for example the image above is the tissue paper flag we designed based on our clients Ana & James' wedding invitation (which you can see in the bottom right-hand corner of the photo).

The best thing about custom papel picado bunting, is that it is 100% customisable! The designs of the flags can include any logo or imagery or design you want, they can be made in a huge selection of different colours, either in tissue paper for indoor events or plastic for outdoor events. 

Below is all the information you need about our custom papel picado bunting including; prices, shipping, production time, flag designs and how to place your order.

Contact us if you have any questions at all. We look forward to hearing about the event that you would like to decorate!


  • 50-199 metres (164-653ft) = £2.03/metre
  • 200 to 499 metres (656 to 1,637ft) = £1.61/metre (10% discount)
  • 500 to 2,999 metres (1,640 to 9,839ft) = £1.43/metre (20% discount)
  • 3,000 metres and up (9,842ft+) = £1.25/metre (30% discount)
  • All prices include DHL Shipping to the USA or UK and all import duty fees (DAP)
  • We manage the importation so you don't need to worry
  • We do not charge VAT (as are under the VAT threshold)


  • 50-199 metres (164-653ft) = £3.43/metre
  • 200 to 499 metres (656 to 1,637ft) = £2.81/metre (10% discount)
  • 500 to 2,999 metres (1,640 to 9,839ft) = £2.50/metre (20% discount)
  • 3,000 metres and up (9,842ft+) = £2.18/metre (30% discount)
  • All prices include DHL Shipping to the USA or UK and all import duty fees (DAP)
  • We manage the importation so you don't need to worry
  • We do not charge VAT (as are under the VAT threshold)


  • Order of up to 1,000 metres of papel picado take up to 4 weeks to be made, depending on how many different flag designs you would like. Every additional 1,000m takes an additional 2 weeks production time.
  • If you need papel picado for an urgent event, please message Aprylle with the information requested below in the How To Order section, and depending on our workload, we can make 1,000 metres in less than 1 week (plus the shipping times above). Aprylle will confirm what date you can receive them by.
  • Please order with as much notice as possible June - November as these are our busiest months.


  • Your papel picado garlands ship worldwide with FedEx Express from our Mexico studio. All shipments are tracked, insured and signed for on delivery.
  • Shipping is FREE for all orders over 1,000 metres (3,280ft). Orders smaller than this cost approx. £30-50 per order depending on the weight.
  • Delivery times: USA/Canada: 1-2 days, UK: 2-3 days, Europe: 3-4 days, Elsewhere: 4-6 days


  • Import tax is to be paid by you the customer.
  • Import tax it is free to the USA for orders under USD$800.
  • On average import tax for the UK/Europe is 20% of the invoice price.


    • All custom papel picado orders are made to your desired length(s), to fit the venue where they will be hung perfectly.
    • You can request as many different garland lengths as you need, for example 100 garlands of 5 metres/16.4ft long, and 200 garlands of 10m/32.8ft long etc.
    • Read our advice on deciding how much papel picado to order

    custom papel picado bunting, event decorations made for a customer from their dog logo


    • You can have 1 custom flag design per 50 metres of order. e.g. for an order of 250 metres you can have up to 5 different custom flags designs repeated along your garlands.
    • You can either create your custom flag designs in PDF format, or we can create them for you. Please make your designs to either of the following two flag size measurements:
      • Large Flags: 48cm x 31cm / 19" x 12.25" (there are 18 flags per 10m/32.8ft of garland)
      • Medium Flags: 34cm x 22cm / 13.5" x 8.75" (there are 24 flags per 10m/32.8ft of garland)
    • Email us your PDF files and we will check them and may make slight alterations if necessary, to make them work properly as papel picado flags (we will however check any changes with you first).
    • View inspiration of our clients event photos to get inspired.

    custom papel picado made with matching coloured rows


      • You can choose as many different colours as you like from our colour catalogues below, and we can position them in whatever order you like along the garlands.
      • For environmental purposes we prefer to make the garlands in tissue paper wherever possible, however if there is chance of rain/high wind at your event, our plastic flags are 100% waterproof & windproof.
      • Links to our: Tissue Paper Flag Colour Catalogue & Plastic Flag Colour Catalogue
        Tissue Paper Flag Colour Catalogue for Papel Picado Bunting


        Plastic Flag Colour Catalogue for Papel Picado Bunting


        • All our papel picado bunting is authentic and made in Mexico in the traditional method of cutting intricate designs out of the flags using a hammer and hundreds of differently shaped chisels.
        • By ordering this papel picado you are keeping these traditional Mexican craft techniques alive and are supporting the amazing artists who pride themselves on producing this magnificent art.


        • If you are ordering the papel picado for retail and therefore for resale, please let us know and we will package each garland individually in a cellophane bag.
        • For large events, the garlands will all be packed together, using as little plastic as possible. If you have events in various locations, just let us know and we can separate the order accordingly and label each separate bundle for you.

        custom papel picado flag based on a client's invitation


        • Aprylle will be in communication with you throughout the order process from design, purchase and production, to shipping and delivery.

        HOW CAN WE HELP?:

        Contact us if you have any questions at all regarding placing your custom papel picado order. We can't wait to hear about your ideas for your upcoming event decor!