How Much Papel Picado To Order

Follow these instructions to work out the total length of papel picado you need to order.

If you want to hang papel picado in parallel rows like the images below:

First decide in which direction the bunting is going to hang - you want the flags to face you and your guests - they usually go across the width of the venue. Contact us if you need help.

Let's say for example your venue is 20 metres long and 8 metres wide, and the entrance is on the shorter wall so you will hang the garlands across the width.

1) So the venue width is your garland length, depending on the papel picado hanging style you like, you will need to add on extra for the draping effect. Here are three amazing papel picado hanging styles to choose from:


Papel picado hanging styles, arching down in the middle

For the ARCHING DOWN IN THE MIDDLE style: add 10% onto your venue width (to do this multiply the width by by 1.1). 

e.g. so if the width is 8metres, to add 10% (multiply 8 x 1.1) so garlands will be 8.80metres long.


Papel picado hanging styles, arching down on both sides

For the ARCHING DOWN ON BOTH SIDES style: add 17% onto your venue width (to do this multiply the width by 1.17), or for very high ceilings add 20%.

e.g. if the width of the room is 8metres, to add 17% (multiply 8 x 1.17) so garlands will be 9.36metres long. Let us know you want this style as we will actually divide this garland length into two to make two garlands per row for easier hanging.


Papel picado hanging styles, hung straight across

For the HUNG STRAIGHT ACROSS style: you don't need to add any extra on.

How Many Rows To Hang?

Now regarding the rows. We think papel picado looks great hung with a 1 metre gap between each row, but it can be a bit more if your budget doesn't stretch to that amount. So for rows every 1metre, now you divide the length of your venue by 1, so if it's 30 metres long, 30 / 1 = 30 = so you will have 30 rows, one garland making each row. 

So the total papel picado you need is:

HUNG STRAIGHT ACROSS: 8m x 30 = 240m

ARCHING DOWN IN THE MIDDLE: 8.8m x 30 = 264 metres (if you added 10%)

ARCHING DOWN ON BOTH SIDES: 9.36m x 30 = 280.80 metres (if you added 15%), and we will actually make 60 garlands 4.68m long each

If the total comes to a figure that you think costs too much, just hang less rows, so instead of dividing the length of the venue by 1, divide it by 1.25 (to hang them every 1.25m) or 1.5 (to hang then every 1.5m) or 2 (to hang then every 2m), until you get to a figure you are comfortable paying, then you will have found the right amount of bunting for your budget.

If you want to hang papel picado around the walls:

1) Measure all the lengths of the different walls, room widths/lengths where you would like the papel picado hang. Add all these lengths together to get your total length.

2) For a slight draping effect, add an extra 10% on to the total length (you can do this by multiplying the total length by 1.1). For a big draping effect (high ceilings), add an extra 15% on to the total length (you can do this by multiplying the total length by 1.15).

If you're still not sure how much papel picado to order; please contact us, and if you have them please include the dimensions of your venue, or a floor plan of your venue, and also a photo if possible and let me know if you would like a light, medium or full coverage and I will send you a papel picado length quote.

Find out more information about papel picado in our papel picado guide and also here how to hang papel picado.