Collection: Huichol Jewelry Wholesale

Huichol jewelry wholesale beaded Mexican Huichol necklaces sold to stores for retail and resale.

Each wholesale beaded necklace is unique. Huichol necklaces are striking ethnic beaded accessories, suitable statement jewelry for women or men, and are only available to our wholesale clients. Our traditional Mexican necklaces are shipped worldwide in 2-3 days with our FedEx tracked & insured courier.

These beautifully necklaces are meticulously handmade in the coastal state of Nayarit, Mexico. The designs are artwork have been created through long, century old traditions. The necklaces are made ​​with glass beads and each necklace is a unique design including different flower motifs, peyote or hikuri (sacred medicine of the Wixarika or Huichol indians of Mexico). This type of visionary art takes long hours weaving the beads in a special and colorful combination. All our necklaces are handmade by artisans in the Mexico Huichol community. They are used by both men and women. Contact us if you have any questions.