Mexican Christmas Gift Ideas - Get Inspired & Place Your Order!

We can’t quite believe it’s almost the end of the year! Which means it’s time for your favorite gift-giving holidays again. We have some beautiful Mexican Christmas gift options if you’re looking for something original and handmade, whether it’s for decorating the home or giving as a present. 

serape placemats mexican placemats

Mexican Serape Placemats

Nothing is more classically Mexican than our gorgeous and colorful serape placemats. These hand-woven textiles have served an incredible amount of uses over the years, from wraps and ponchos to bedspreads, horse blankets, shades, or decorations. The use of colourful textiles like this dates all the way back to ancient Mexico around the 1500s, and the introduction of foot-pedal looms allowed for bigger pieces to be woven, like these Mexican placemats.

Serape placemats

Whether you’re entertaining or having your regular weekday meal, our serape placemats will truly bring joy to your table setting. Fun fact: serape fabrics often include red, white and green together as a nod to the Mexican flag. Can you spot it in our serape placemats? 

We offer three styles of Mexican placemats. The first is based on the colors of dark blue, light blue, red and lilac. The second is based on a stylish dove grey, and the rest of the mat is a mix of amazingly vibrant bright colours. And we also have a fuschia pink, turquoise blue, yellow and purple option. 

 serape placemat

All our Mexican placemats are premium quality and are made to order. We’ve been working with the same artisans for a long time, so quality is always 100%! Each serape placemat measure 55cm x 30cm (21" x 12”)

Mexican Ceramic Skulls

Even though the Mexican painted skulls are inspired by Day of the Dead, they still make beautiful home decorations and Christmas gifts. The maker is a Guadalajara-based Huichol artist and friend of ours and makes each of these Mexican ceramic skulls in his workshop with love.

mexican ceramic skulls

We offer two skull options for Mexican Christmas gifts. One in black and white with silver sparkles. The other offers a color variety with birds, tropical flowers, fruit or marigolds. When you order these, don’t forget to add your color of choice in the notes.

mexican ceramic skulls

Fun fact: we can also make 100s/1000s for you in 3-4 weeks as a wholesale order. They made great wedding place settings and favors. We can even customize them with your guests’ names!

Pom Pom Tree Garland

The perfect decoration this year is a pack-of-5 pom pom tree garland for your Christmas tree. Our pom pom tree garlands also make perfect Mexican Christmas gifts to add colour to anyone's bedroom or home decor. Kids, teens and adults alike love these.

pom pom tree garland

See below for some ideas on how to use them as a Christmas decoration! They also look amazing hanging from curtain rails, or picture frames, dangled from trees, or you can have them dripping down around/in a marquee, wear them as a necklace or use them as a belt… they are so versatile! Let your creativity run wild with this item.

pom pom tree garland

Otomi Cushions

We have a few of our highly coveted exquisite Mexican Christmas Gift Ideas in the form of 

Otomi cushion covers left in stock. These are handmade by the Otomi people of Mexico and feature beautiful vibrant lime green or fuchsia needlework of animals and flowers.

 Otomi cushion 

The Otomi people are an indigenous ethnic group who inhabit the central altiplano region of Mexico and are ancestors of one of the earliest complex civilisations of Mesoamerica, dating back around 1000AD. Otomi cushions are so exquisite to look at and are surprisingly hardwearing considering their fine needlework, so they will last for years to come.

otomi cushions

All our Otomi cushion covers are shipped from the UK and arrive within the UK in 1-2 days, Europe 4-6 days, Worldwide 5-14 days. Urgent deliveries on Mexican Christmas gifts are available at checkout.




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