Custom Bunting Flags For Google Spotlight Stories' Son of Jaguar

We're so excited we made custom bunting flags for Son of Jaguar! The short film was written and directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez, a Mexican creative who most famously directed the 3D animated feature film The Book of Life and has designed characters for Warner Bros., Disney, Cartoon Network, Sony and DreamWorks. The short film was brought to life by Google Spotlight Stories, a new form of storytelling aimed at mobile and VR devices. 

Logo Son of Jaguar

The nine minute 360° short film is about an aging one-legged wrestler who is struggling with his legacy, life, and family. “This is the story of him regaining his soul, because he’s lost it, and the love of his family and regaining the honor.... of his family’s name,” Gutierrez said of his work

Altar Day of the Dead; Son of Jaguar

His idea came from childhood dreams of being a luchador or wrestler while growing up in Mexico City. Guttierez drew parallels between that dream and the medium of VR in that, “Putting on goggles to me felt like putting on a wrestling mask, so this idea that you become someone else felt very… visceral.” With a gift for storytelling and a colourful and imaginative VR world, Son of Jaguar holds a special place in the series of Google Spotlight Stories.

Ring Lucha Libre; custom bunting flags; Son of Jaguar

Jaguar’s big match takes place on the Day of the Dead, and features some papel picado around the wrestling ring and calavera style skulls. Jaguar’s father speaks to him from beyond the grave and advises him that while he has lost a leg, he still carries the heart of a Jaguar. 

Custom bunting flags, bright colours


So logically when the film launched in October 2017, papel picado needed to be involved in the form of ARTMEXICO’s custom bunting. Google contacted us with some images drawn from Gutierrez’s film, and we had our artesans copy them onto 500 meters of papel picado and 200 waving flags, divided into two designs. 


Custom bunting flag green; Son of Jaguar
Custom bunting flag purple; Son of Jaguar

Flag designs drew from Gutierrez's original character sketches from Son of Jaguar. This was quite a rushed order and our team worked overtime to get the custom papel picado ready within a 2 week period. Fortunately, this is something we are quite skilled at and the results came out great! Check out how the custom bunting looked at the event, which also included a mariachi band. 

If your brand is in a pinch but you still need some of our custom bunting, remember that we can make up to 1,000 metres of papel picado per week in an emergency.

Premiere short; Mexican Party; Mariachi; Custom Bunting flags; Son of Jaguar
Custom bunting flags; bright colours
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