Personalised Wedding Bunting Handmade For Lee & Matthew

We love the process of helping clients make their special day perfect and getting their personalised wedding bunting just right. There’s something so magical about a wedding. We truly cherish each and every experience we have making our clients' wedding dreams come to life through personalised wedding decor. 

Recently, we caught up with the now happily married Lee + Matthew to pick their brains on just why they chose ArtMexico, and why they wanted to include our personalised wedding bunting in their special day. Here’s what they had to say.

personalised wedding bunting white

On what made them choose ARTMEXICO...

"We initially felt inspired by the decorations as when we went to visit our wedding venue, it was set up for a wedding the next day and one of the couple was Spanish. Because I have Spanish heritage, Matt and I regularly visit Spain and it instantly struck a chord with us. We did some research into the style and came across your shop..."

personalised wedding bunting dinning tables

"… We fell in love with the designs and were impressed with the incredible reviews you had.”

How they felt about the final look...

“We were blown away with the final look once it was up; it was everything that we hoped for…”

personalised wedding bunting white; nice tables; brick ceiling white flags

“Because we over-ordered slightly with the length, we had quite a few panels left and decided to mark the occasion by framing some of the panels and gifting them to family and friends close to us. We also found that we had plenty of flags left over, and so I cut these and created thank you cards from the design, which added a very personal touch.”

personalised wedding bunting framed; happy couple

On why they decided to get married...

“In terms of about us, there's not much to say really! We decided to get married mutually because Matt's grandmother passed away and after nearly 8 years, we decided life is too short.”

personalised wedding bunting; wedding reception

“It was an incredible day and many people have commented on how personal and intimate the feeling of the wedding was, with many attributing our personal touches to the day as contributing factors (eg all design factors, particularly your bunting). I think this can be seen on the tables as well that we designed ourselves in the photos that I sent you.”

To order this garland of personalised wedding bunting for your wedding click here:

Many happy returns to you, Lee + Matthew!

Photography credits go to George Louise Designs.

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