Any Venue Can Become An Unforgettable Fiesta with Papel Picado!

Have you ever wondered how you can really amaze your guests with your event decor? totally blow them away when they walk into the room? And is there a way to create something visually stunning and add a personal touch to the decorations at the same time?

Yes! Papel picado is the answer!  Here's some papel picado inspiraton for you!

Our traditional Mexican wedding papel picado can look absolutely stunning when you fill a ceiling with it. Plus, it can be made with the bride and groom's names and wedding date cut out in the flags, adding a personal touch to your event like no other!

Below are a selection of our clients' wedding photos, before and after their venues have been decorated with their papel picado...what do you think?

Hannah and Gabriel ordered; 25 garlands, each 6 meters long - so 150 meters in total - the flags had their names and their wedding date and the words Amor, Felicidades, hearts, flowers, champagne flutes, and fireworks, all cut in white tissue paper flags. Their venue, a large barn in Maine, was instantly transformed into a magical fairy tale.

Any venue can be adorned with your personal signature by adding papel picado!

Here are some of our recommendations:


Define the colour spectrum you want to use.

Want to make a bold statement with just a solid vibrant colour? Try bright yellow, red, blue, orange or green.

Perhaps you prefer a gradient of various colours, ombre style: discreet, young and playful.

Or why not go colour crazy, for a happy, festive, traditional Mexican fiesta style? Select our multi-coloured Mexican Mix colour selection option which is used in most of our traditional multi-coloured banners.

Want to keep it elegant and sophisticated? Then opt for all white, salmon, pale pink or any colour in a light shade, just remember to stick to one colour.

In order to make sure that your papel picado a noticeable, remember to aim for a contrast between the colour of your flags and the colour of the ceiling; thus avoid dark colours in terraces at night, or all white flags if the ceiling of your venue is white.


Define the way you will hang your garlands. Here are some tips:

Symmetric patterns will give elegance to your event and will allow beautiful photos from any angle.

Looser or crisscrossed patterns will bring a festive, fun ambiance to your event.

The best way to fix your garlands up is either by using small nails or 3M Command Decorating Clips, as the garlands are quite light.


Tissue paper flags work perfectly if your event lasts some hours or a weekend, inside, or outdoors if there is no chance of rain.

Choose plastic flags if your event is outdoors, as they are totally waterproof, or if it's indoors, and you want the flags and colour to last much longer, for many months in fact.

We would be DELIGHTED to help you make your event an unforgettable one, like our client's events above. And we really love seeing the pictures of your events adorned by our handmade papel picado after the big day, so please do send them in!

Contact us to inquire about placing a custom papel picado order.

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