Erick Millan X AD MEXICO with ARTMEXICO Ceramic Home Decor

About a year ago, ARTMEXICO founder Aprylle Stuart moved some of our headquarters into a new workshop in Casa Teodora, a shared artist studio space that is known for its beautiful garden, friendly cats and creative events. After our first meeting in the new space, the ARTMEXICO team was strolling outside enjoying a temperate Guadalajara afternoon when we were overwhelmed by the urge to investigate a gorgeous colonial home right next door. 

Ceramic Home Decor Calavera

The house was surrounded by thriving jungle blooms that blew in the wind invitingly, a lush contrast to its modern whitewashed walls. We rang the big bell outside hoping someone would answer, and out came a member of staff and some very eager and very tiny doggos. We were invited inside where we were engulfed by beautiful blooms, artisanal wooden decorations, murals and mirrors that evoked both Mexico and world designs. 

Ceramic Home Decor

It turned out the owner and creative force, Erick Millan, was in the building. He gave us a tour of the home that’s in constant creative flux, which is officially called le.casablanca. His concept is to create an environment where art can flourish between tropical plants and mural masterpieces. The whole house has an incredible energy to it that we immediately fell in love with.  

Ceramic Home Decor

It wasn’t until about a year later that we got the opportunity to collaborate with Erick again on a Día de los Muertos shoot for AD México. He decided to gather some local artisans and we were lucky enough to have some of our ceramic home decor calaveras, or skulls, included in the finery.  

Ceramic home decor

Erick curated the table design, which featured Mexican ceramic home decor, marigold floral arrangements, and candles inspired by traditional Día de los Muertos themes. The shoot took place at twilight in Casablanca’s interior garden, a sail-sheltered patio with a huge wooden table, under twinkling lights.

Proper credits are as follows:

💀Table decor: Erick Millan Design

💀Photography: Clement Chevalt & Fernanda Oseguera 

💀Location: le.casablanca

💀Chairs: Mexa Design

💀Plates: Rabí Montoya

💀Sculptures: Omibos Pozos

💀Flowers: Corozón de Violeta

Thank you so much for including our Mexican home decor in your fantasy, Erick! 

ceramic home decor

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