Sugar Skull Bunting Banner Halloween Party Bunting | 5m 16ft Banner with 14 Medium Flags

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★ Sugar Skull Bunting Banner Halloween Party Bunting, handmade Mexican papel picado banner 5 meters (16ft) long - the perfect Halloween decorations!
★ 15 small tissue paper sugar skull banners with a traditional Mexican skull on every flag, each flag measures 31cm x 24cm / 12" x 9.5"
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★ To hang your papel picado up; wrap the string at each end of the garland around clear cellotape and stick to a wall/beam/tree/curtain rail/anywhere, or nail in with a pin/tack.
★ Make perfect garland lengths for your venue: to make longer garlands; tie various banners together at each end. To make shorter garlands; cut off any excess flags and cut the string to your desired venue length. (You can use the excess flags to decorate elsewhere.)
★ The more papel picado you put up, the more amazing your venue/house will look!
★ This item is exactly as shown in the photographs.

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1) Measure all the lengths of the different walls/beams where you'd like the Papel Picado to drape.
2) Add all these lengths together to get your total
3) For a draping/swag/arching affect - add an extra 10% onto the total ( you can do this by multiplying the total by 1.1).
4) If you're not sure how much to order, message me the dimensions of the venue and some photos and I'll reply with a quote.

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