Personalised Mexican Wedding Papel Picado in Custom Colours and Custom Lengths + Free Flag Favours

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Handmade personalised Mexican wedding papel picado made to order in your custom wedding colours, and cut to the exact banner widths your venue requires, so they're ready to hang in an instant.

How to order? - please scroll down for instructions.

The personalised flag featuring your and your partner's names and the date of your wedding, is every 3rd flag along the banners and is mixed in with traditional Mexican wedding flags of flowers, hearts, and doves. For every 5 meters / 16.4ft of banner there are 10 tissue paper or plastic flags measuring 47cm x 35cm (18.5"x13.5").

GET THE LOOK in our clients Patrick & Nicola's photos, by hanging the papel picado banners in rows, with 1 meter/3ft gaps between each row.

If you would prefer all white banners please click here:

PRODUCTION time is 3-4 weeks maximum, and insured tracked courier takes 2-5 days to deliver worldwide. If you need urgent wedding decorations, we may be able to make them for you in under 1 week, please message me to check if we can do a rush order before ordering.

MINI MATCHING PAPEL PICADO FAVOR FLAGS, the perfect table decorations, come with every order. They feature the bride and groom's names and are also made in your chosen custom wedding colours. Each mini favor flag measures 15cm x 12cm (5.9" x 4.7") and is attached to a 30cm/1ft wooden stick. You get the same quantity of free flags as the total quantity of meters of personalised papel picado you order (i.e. 100 meters = 100 free flags). You can order extras if you need more (see link in instructions below).

(Please scroll down for instructions on how to place your order.)

Mexican Wedding papel picado instantly transforms any venue, creating a beautifully romantic fairytale wedding ambiance! It is the perfect way to decorate your wedding venue in a totally unique way, and also looks really amazing with white fairy lights.

Papel Picado can be hung in a variety of different ways, my favorite is hung in rows either; straight across, or arching down in the middle, or arching down at both sides. It can also be hung in a circle from a central point (like on a dance floor). Our personalised papel picado is very easy to hang; just tie the ends around a hook/ beam, or discretely stick them up with strong clear cellotape.


1) Choose the total metres or feet of bunting you want from the Select Total Length selector next to the listing photos - the more you get the better it looks! ;)
2) Leave the Quantity as 1
3) Click Add to basket. In the bottom left-hand corner of your basket you will see a little box that says "Add a note" - please put the following information in there:
A) YOUR FIRST NAMES in the order in which you want them to appear on the flags e.g. ADAM & EVE
B) DATE OF THE WEDDING e.g. 8.27.17 or 27.8.17 depending on which you prefer
C) COLOUR(S) of tissue paper you would like using the colour selector; either white, or choose as many or as few colours as you like from the Colour Selector - you can always message me your ideas, and together we can work out the combination/order of colours (even after you've ordered).
D) GARLAND INDIVIDUAL LENGTHS - based on what matches your venue best, what length would you like the garlands cut down to? , i.e. strands of 5m or 10m or 15m or 10ft, 15ft, 30ft's your choice.
E) How many FREE MINI FLAGS would you like? - you can order up to the same quantity of flags as your total meters of Papel Picado (e.g. if you are ordering 50 meters you can get up to 50 mini flags, if you are ordering 100m you can get up to 100 mini flags etc) - order extras here (no extra shipping required)
F) the cell/mobile phone number of the person receiving the package - to put on the FedEx courier order for the delivery
G) the date you need them by if urgent (otherwise you will get them within 4 weeks.)

Do message me with any questions at all, and I'll reply straight away.

Viva La Fiesta!


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