Small Ceramic Skulls Wholesale x 50 | Painted Beautifully With Love In Mexico By Traditional Artist | Dia de Muertos Sugar Skull Decoration

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Small ceramic skulls wholesale - all beautifully handmade and hand-painted with love in Mexico by a very talented Huichol artist and friend of mine.

These Day of the Dead inspired sugar skull ornaments make beautiful home decorations.

Quantity 1 = fifty (50) multi-coloured skulls
Quantity 2 = one hundred (100) multi-coloured skulls
Quantity 3 = one hundred and fifty (150) multi-coloured skulls
Quantity 4 = one hundred (200) multi-coloured skulls etc

Height: 5.5cm / 2.25in (base to top of skull)
Width: 5.5cm / 2.25in (ear to ear)
Depth: 7cm / 2.75in (chin to back of skull)

These Mexican sugar skulls are painted in lots of different colours and styles, with birds, tropical flowers, fruit or marigolds. If you have a preference regarding the base colour(s) of the skulls that you would like, please include the colour, or list of colours in your order notes. Otherwise we will send you one randomly coloured skull if you buy one, or a selection of pretty colours that look great together, if you buy more than one.

If you are looking for large ceramic skulls wholesale, please click here:

If you are looking for single small multi-coloured ceramic skulls, please click here:

If you are looking for single small black & white ceramic skulls, please click here:

If you are looking for large ceramic skulls, please click here:

Do message me if you have any questions at all about our Mexican Sugar Skulls.

If you would like to order wholesale ceramic skulls just let me know, we can send you boxes of 100s or 1000s if necessary. You can also request custom made sugar skulls to order with your prefered designs, branding and logo.

Import tax is paid by you the customer.

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